June 16, 2006

Funny old world innit!

Yes, I am still alive!

Things have been v busy in the land of Hannabella, and I am pleased to announce, the thesis, despite being tres stressful, is coming along! I'm close to hitting the end of the next chapter, which in my humble little world is really quite something. Woo Hoo!

Anyway, mostly because of thesis time running way into the night last night, this morning I overslept by about 15 minutes, which meant I was running 15 minutes late for work, which meant that I got a later tube in, which meant that there were less people on the train, which meant that I got a seat, which meant that I got a chance to relax a bit and look around the train, which got me to thinking...

...I was looking at all the different types of people who get the tube - some engrossed in their paper, others completely 'lost in music' (as I usually am!), others just looking around (or at the insides of their eyelids). I always wonder: Where are they going? I wonder where they're from. (In the case of hot guys) Is he single? I wonder where she got that top. Ooooh - baaaaad hair! I'd never have put you two together. Goddamn lycra leggings should be banned! Jeez - I need to do something about my ass. etc etc...

And then, this morning, I started to wonder if they were all doing the same, and if so, what would they think of me! Would that gothic looking girl know I was listening to Rammstein? Would that good looking guy know I'm single? Do I look like a Southerner in Glasgow? Can they see the flab? Has she noticed my new bag? etc etc...

Am I odd? Or does everyone think these things on the tube?

Funny old world innit!

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