August 03, 2006

Feline Frolicks

Last week, I looked after a friend's cat for the week...

He is a dear wee thing (well, actually quite large - 8 months, but the size of a large, fully grown cat, characteristic of his breed), a ginger tom, with a wonderfully playful yet affectionate temprament. I'm definitely a 'cat person', theres something really relaxing about being in a cat's presence, and yet they're so, well, frankly, up their own arses, it can be hilarious!

He spent a whole week at Casa Hannabella, and now that he's gone, I have to say, I miss him...

... I don 't miss the mahousive, smelly poo he had every morning like clockwork about 5 mins after I'd got out of the shower (in his litter tray!) - Wow man, that stuffs gonner put you off havin' a cat for life - I can tell ya! Guess I'll have to wait till they breed non-stinky pooing cats before I fulfil my dream of becoming an old spinster who smells of cats ;)

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