September 18, 2006


No, not the dominatrix type...

So, I've not been sticking anything here for a while. Holiday season hit, and then it was time for a mad dash last effort to finish that bloomin' thesis!
Well, I can now officially announce, that today, at approximately 4am,

I finished printing out my thesis!!

And! Then, as if that wasn't enough, at approximately 12:15,

I took the frikking thing to the bindery!

This time tomorrow, I'll be in posession of 3 shiny copies all bound and looking good for submission!
Weird old feeling actually! What am I gonner do with my time now?! At the moment, I can think of 5 things:

  • Sleep
  • Watch the New Adventures of Superman
  • Blog
  • Find me a man in a kilt
  • And worry mi noolies off about my VIVA!!
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