November 23, 2006

Scissor Sisters!

Glasgow rocks for live music! It has every kind of venue, from the huge SECC arena right down to the intimate King Tut's. And live music is rife, with most pubs and clubs of note hosting atleast one live music night a week...

So, during the writing of that blasted thesis, Hannabella denied herself the luxury of seeing any big live acts, and only managed to catch a few smaller gigs at Oran Mor and the like. But with the submission, ALL THAT WAS SET TO CHANGE!

And so, on Monday night, Hannabella's first night of riotous gigging arrived!

Yes ladles and jelly-spoons! I was lucky enough to be one of the annointed few who managed to get her hands on tickets to the Scissor Sisters' charity gig for Global Cool at the Glasgow Barrowlands before they all sold out after 50 minutes!

The 'Barras' is a great venue! Really intimate for this kind of high profile gig! The stage is at one end of the old ballroom. The ceiling is covered with retro stars, and has a sprung-floor - which turned out to be totally awesome - you have no choice but to move with the crowd!

So, the gig was awesome! Renowned for their entertaining shows, Scissor Sisters didn't fail to impress! I spent so long with my arms in the air clapping, weights in the gym on Tuesday were impossible! The place was basically rammed full of overexcited ladies of all ages, dressed in their bestest sparkly gear - Hannabella being no exception! Also in the audience; a few initially reluctant husbands who'd been dragged along, a sprinkling of guys and gals from Glasgow's gay community, and, rather bizzarrely, a very, very old man with a comb-over, who was shockingly agile to 'filthy, gorgeous'!

Highlights of the show:
Rocking out to 'Take your Mama'
Communal balloon frolicking to 'Filthy, gorgeous'
and Of course, Jake in those gold PVC hotpants - yowzer!


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November 16, 2006

The Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing

Dr Hannabella!

Yes, thats right guys and gals! It's been a bit quiet 'round here lately, because Hannabella has been celebrating her little tooshie off! At both ends of the country! Extensively!!

It's funny; everyone asks you what the viva was like, and how it went etc etc, but to be honest, I don't care! It was never going to be nice, particularly not after pulling my hip in a freak running incident, trying to exert some of my excess energy just 4 hours before the big event! All I care about is that I PASSED! And now have a super-elevated title! Bring it on!

So, so far, being a Dr has been pretty painful - it seems that being a Dr entails dancing in heels till the wee hours, and then waking up with a very sore head - every morning!

Other than that, the modified PTP is going V well - basically, I'm getting dead skinny, and dead fast on the treadmill/bike, and I've even started rowing!!!

Things are pretty top notch!

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