November 16, 2006

The Update

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing

Dr Hannabella!

Yes, thats right guys and gals! It's been a bit quiet 'round here lately, because Hannabella has been celebrating her little tooshie off! At both ends of the country! Extensively!!

It's funny; everyone asks you what the viva was like, and how it went etc etc, but to be honest, I don't care! It was never going to be nice, particularly not after pulling my hip in a freak running incident, trying to exert some of my excess energy just 4 hours before the big event! All I care about is that I PASSED! And now have a super-elevated title! Bring it on!

So, so far, being a Dr has been pretty painful - it seems that being a Dr entails dancing in heels till the wee hours, and then waking up with a very sore head - every morning!

Other than that, the modified PTP is going V well - basically, I'm getting dead skinny, and dead fast on the treadmill/bike, and I've even started rowing!!!

Things are pretty top notch!

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