October 31, 2006

PTP modifications

Well, the viva is tomorrow! Wish me luck!

It appears that there was one major ommission from the PTP: REVISE FOR THE VIVA! I'm sure it'll be ok, but I feel like a totally under-prepaired Hannabella at the moment!

And, whilst I'm making modifications to the PTP, here's another one...

Due to the roaring success of step one of the PTP, the recent MASSIVE amounts of toning up and trimming down that Hannabella has done, have left her feeling uber confident. So much so, that a re-phrasing step 3 of the PTP is required. Instead of finding A man, a more appropriate phrasing would be for Hannabella to find MEN - plural! And generally have a full on awesome time (not in the rude way though, you understand)! Bring it on!

Watch this space, next time I blog, it may be as Dr Hannabella!

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