October 17, 2006

The Post Thesis Plan

Ok, so, I decided pretty quickly that limbo sucks, and I needed to get my ass in gear and get some aspirations here! (Non worky ones – I have oodles of those) So, que Hannabella’s amazing post-thesis plan (from now on known as the PTP)!

So, it’s pretty simple really - a sort of three-step plan:

1) Get fit. And by fit, being a girl, if you read between the lines, I naturally mean get thinner! This part of the plan shouldn’t be too hard to achieve with a gym at work, and oodles of time on my hands, along with 3 pumping CDs of ‘The Pacha Experience’ on my MP3 player, PTP is sorted on this one…

2) Read more. Having just finished a gruelling period of studying, this is just about the last thing I actually want to do, but I’m intensely jealous of people who are able to read for pleasure, and fantasise about making intellectual comments at dinner parties (yeah right!) about my latest read, so the bookcase is stocked, and I’m raring to go!

3) Find me a man! Obviously steps one and two of the PTP will help here – after they’re complete I’ll not only be stunning and fit as, but I’ll ooze intellectual charm, and have something to talk about on the first date!

Anyways, my first weekend in Glasgow caught me a bit off guard. The PTP was really in its infancy - reading hadn’t started (and still hasn’t!), and I’d managed just 2 days in the gym and 1 circuits class, when Friday night came. And with Friday night, came a trip to the pub. And with a trip to the pub, came the opportunity to meet men. And with the opportunity… Well, you get the picture!

But don’t worry, it was just a quick foray onto the dating scene, a whirlwind week of excitement, which concluded less-than desirably (i.e. I’m still VERY single). However, the major outcome of the whole affair is a major realisation by me that I haven’t lost my touch, and have gained a deep commitment to the PTP!

Get this – I’m down one hole on my belt, lost 4lb since submission, and Michael Palin ‘Himalaya’ has made it to the bedside table!!

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