February 28, 2007

Crikey, crikey, crikey!

You guys! Itís been so long! I feel really bad for being such a neglectful host! Mind you, Hannabella has been a busy little bee lately, generating SOME OF THE ACEST GOSSIP EVER, and when you hear it, I think you may be able to ignore my prolonged leave of absence (and frankly, if you canít, I donít care Ė thatís how good this is!!)

SoÖ you may remember a little post I made last year about the PTP. My fool-proof post-thesis-writing plan, that was to shake me up, get me on my feet, and staring life full on in the face with the eye of a rampantly savage tiger! Grr! Well, 4 months on, it is with the courage of my convictions, and with that beady tigerís eye glinting at you from behind this garbled, slightly less than impressive mish-mash of html, that I can report complete and total success as far as the PTP is concerned! LIFE IS AWESOME!

I canít remember the way that the plan was set out exactly, but the core values have stayed with me all this time: Get fit (for fit, read skinny), find man and read more!

1) So: get fitÖ
Well, Iím not really one of those people who does stuff by halves Ė Iím a pretty full-on throw-myself-in-150%-and-get-a-bit-carried-away kind of person. So, well, this part was underway pretty swiftly. I swear by my interval training regime, and total dedication to getting mi lardy ass down the gym. And I am pleased to announce that since the PTPís inauguration, Hannabella has stuck to it, and can now proudly announce that NOT ONLY has she lost close to a stone and a half and dropped 2 Ĺ dress sizes, but also, as recently discovered at the GPís, has a resting heart rate of just 52bpm!! All of this just from exercise people Ė I still luurve the pie, and mi beers! Well chuffed with that one!

2) Then there was this read more thingÖ
Well, Iím still not the worldís most avid reader, but I have begun to appreciate a good book, a good corner, and a good coffee. Most alarmingly, this new appreciation sprung on the other side of the world! Yes people, since we last spoke, Hannabella has been off jet-setting again. This time to Vancouver for work-related shenanigans, but of course, it would have been rude not to pop round to Whistler and give the slopes some punishment whilst I was there! Anyways, Vancouver itself: Lovely people, lovely park, lovely sea/mountain views, lovely sushi, but alas, I have to say, the city just didnít float my boat. Maybe itís Ďcos I was there alone, but I kind of did everything there was to do in a day, got a bit scared trying to get to China Town, and spent the rest of the time being less-than-impressed with the shops, and lack of big old buildings to look at. I donít mean to groan, but the place didnít do it for me! Anyways, luckily, I was lent a book for the trip, and quite to my surprise, got more than 100 pages into the thing without wanting to throw it out of the window! I was quite surprised! And, I even couldnít put it down for parts of the journey home! I can officially announce that I am now more than 200 pages into the thing! Quite an achievement by my standards!

3) And then Ė best till lastÖ The finding of the man!
Yes ladles and jelly-spoons! I canít quite believe it, and have to pinch myself on a daily basis, but Iíd like to announce, that after a fair stint sat firmly on the shelf, with no hope of wriggling myself free, MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR HAS FINALLY COME! And heís gorgeous, and clever, and funny, and cheeky, and (inordinately importantly to Hannabella) tall, and all of those other things that are on Hannabellaís pretty extensive, and exhaustive wish-list of lurrrrrrve!
So, this is my real excuse for not being in touch for so long! Iíve had a whirlwind month of tummy butterflies, swooning out of the window, and general Ďannoying to be with 'cos she wonít shut up about himí-ness. This yummy morsel of manly-ness even sent Hannabella flowers to the office for valentines Ė COULD IT GET ANY BETTER?!

So; excited? I am!

Coming soon to hannabella.mu.nu Ė Iím off skiing people! Yes, the mighty annual trip has been booked, and Hannabella can now officially announce that this season, for the first time in 7 years, she will be ditching her trusty snowblades in favor of a snowboard! Could be interesting!

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