January 13, 2007


Well, here it is folkes! 2007!!

It seems like only yesterday that i was running down the road naked with nothing but a St. George's Cross to preserve mi dignity for the milennium, and now it's freaking 2007!!!

So, I've been a naughty Hannabella over Christmas and not been keeping you up to date, but here's the round up...

Well, as you can planely see, I did manage to survive the utter excitement that was Christmas! Although it was a mission let me tell you! I had the work do on the friday night, was out at the usual haunt till 4am, then hopped in a cab to the flat, chucked mi straighteners in a suitcase, and hopped in another cab to the airport for my 7am flight dooon sooth! And this is where it got messy! Picture this: a very tired Hannabella, sat on a plane, catchin' some z's awekened to the sound of the captain telling the passengers that the engine was broken, and our flight was cancelled! man alive! So there I was, stranded at Glasgow airport till the next flight at 2-freaking-30 in the afternoon! I felt like Tom Hanks in that film (name escapes me just now).

Anyway, finally got doon sooth, and met wi' ma pals in Saaaaaarfampton. Awesome night of Christmas dinnerage and general frivolities! Then a couple more days seeing the old haunts and ma boyz. Then via the VLDGPE's new pad in our illustrious capital - gorgeous, and the rather disappointing lights on Oxford St - not gorgeous, to the parental home...

I was loving being back in the bosom of the family - totally chilled and y'know, I was feelin' the love! It was the first time Hannabella had been back since becoming a Dr, so the appropriate celebrations insued, and it was all very emotional! Couple of visits to the beach, a few nice glasses of wine, and a shed load of shopping (due to the success of the PTP, new trousers of all varieties were required - I'm so damned skinny! Wo Hoo!!).

Anyways, it all ended, and it was time to get back on a plane (which also broke and was horrendously delayed - flybe suck ass!) up to gorgeous, windy Glasgow for HOGMANAY!

And this, people, is where it all got CRAZY!

Casa 'bella is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it's ability to host 7 Southerners was really tested over Hogmanay! there were people sleeping in the hallway, sleeping in the kitchen, sleeping under the dining table - everywhere! But i think it all added to the atmosphere! We had an awesome time!

The plan was to hit George Sq for some crazy weegie Hogmanay madness, but it was cancelled last minute, so it was over the road to mi local for what actually turned out to be the most awesome night-on-the-fly ever!! Suitably embarrassing photographic and video evidence of a very innebriated Hannabella exists AND WILL NEVER BE PUT HERE! And from what I can remember (and have pieced together from the mutimedia evidence) I had the best new years of my life!

Needless to say, the departure of the Southerners was a most harrowing experience: it's a bloody good job there are some full on wicked people up here to entertain Hannabella! 2007 has been spot on so far!

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