December 13, 2006

I can't hold it in anymore!

Yes fellas and floozies! This week, Hannabella is like a little sack of beans fill to bursting, and she can't hold it anymore! Becaaaaaauuuuuuuuseee....

I'm so freaking excited about Christmas!

Yes indeedie! I'm not a religious sort - I mean, c'mon - I have a PhD in Laser Physics for goodness' sake! No, I'm in it for all the shiny things, all the pressies, all the shopping, all the awesome times, the dancin' and ALL THAT ALCOHOL!

So, those who know me will tell you that I'm pretty easily excited - by anything! I'm definitely one of those first-up-on-the-dancefloor-at-weddings people, love-to-leap-on-people-I-haven't-seen-for-ages people, sometimes I'm a bit concerned that the amount I laugh is actually unhealthy for my jaw! And you should just see me before a skiing holiday!
But worse than this is the less obvious stuff that comes with all this excitement! For one, I fnd it very hard to sit still - I'm sedating myself with extensive leg exersises at the gym just now, which have made it possible for me to sit still long enough to actually write this! And the insomnia is unbearable! But then there's the permanent excited upset tummy to deal with aswell...
Not very pleasant at all, but for the entirety of this week, Hannabella has had a very tough time of it! At first I thought it was the new addition of figs to my Bircher muslei in the morning, but a quick scientific test (I didn't put them in yesterday) showed that that wasn't the problem. Then I wondered if it was the hangover from the crazy weekend Hannabelle just managed to pull herself out of - but it still hasn't gone, leaving me with only one other possible conclusion! I'm just too excited!
So, hopefully I'll manage to control this little problem throughout the festive period, cos so much wicked stuff is happening!

The thing I'm most excited about is that I'm cramming so many awesome times with oodles of awesome people into just 2 weeks back down South! Of course there will be the obligatory trip back to the bosom of the Hannabella family, which will be brill! But also, I'm passing through the old haunts in Saaaaarfampton, and visiting the VLDGPE's new haunt in our illustrious capital!
Not to mention the Glasgow antics, reaching their pinnacle on Friday at the work do - for which, I think it's safe to announce, cos none of them read this, I will be wearing newly purchased red stillettoes! It's bound to be murder on the dancefloor in those little beauties!
Yes people, I plan to be so horrendously full of the Christmas spirit (well, any spirits actually - and some wine, and heck, chuck in a pint of lager and lime for old times' sake too) that it'll be a real downer when it's all over.


Because it just gets even more awesome!

Following the wicked times down South, I'm dragging some of, in my opinion, the best Southerners in existence back up here to sunny (ahem!) Glasgow for Hogmanay! Bring it on!

And I haven't even started thinking about what Father Christmas might bring yet...

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