December 09, 2006

Things I noticed recently

Ok, so since becoming Dr Hannabella, Iíve ad a bit more time on my hands to get in touch with my surroundings, and I wanted to share some of the things Iíve noticed with you:

1) Glasgow is very cold, wet, and dark in the winter.

Since Iíve been here, Iíve gotten through 6 umbrellas, and all but one (which was misplaced in a certain awesome club that Iíve been frequenting a lot lately) have been lost to wind damage! It gets dark at about 3:30pm here at the mo; at the weekend, this is the time Hannabella likes to venture out and about, and in the week, Hannabella works with frikking lasers in a dark room with no windows, consequently I HAVENíT SEEN DAYLIGHT FOR LIKE FOREVER!

2) People are funny

Itís amazing how people areÖ Sometimes, they manage to hide whats going on for them so completely that you have absolutely no idea! And if they donít reach out and tell you, YOU MAY NEVER KNOW! I say COMMUNICATE PEOPLE!

3) Iím pretty good at Snowboarding

Hannabella recently had her very first lesson with a new VLMF on the scene at one of Glasgow's coolest assets. It was awesome! And, despite having vowed never to neglect my faithful blades, I feel I must announce that on next yearís annual ski trip, I will definitely be doing a bit of this!

4) Someone actualy got here by googling 'Gold PVC hotpants'!!

Go figure!

5) Not having comments on here sucks

Cos I never know what any of you are thinking! So Iím putting them back!

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